Kira Clavell in Betrayals

Jaw classification: A,A+,concave,big

As usual, we are never disappointed with Kira Clavell. Feminine, beautiful, she has a particularly large face structure. The jaw is super square and thick, the chin well developed.

Introducing Milena video: biting on super hard plastic


Duration: 7:34
Resolution: 720p
Format: mp4
Delivery: instant, online
Price: 6.99 $ USD

In this video we are introducing beautiful Milena model from Mexico.

To test teeth solidity and bite force from Milena she was asked to bite as hard as possible on a 4 colors bic plastic blue cap but with incisors only and send back a video of the result. Anyone can crush plastic with molars…. but incisors is a much better indicator of teeth strength.
The result was beyond expectations. At best it was expected that her teeth would make a little dent into the hard blue plastic (most people can’t even make a mark with their incisors in the blue hard plastic). Milena bite is so strong that she actually SEVERED the plastic in half. Unbelievable.

I was so astonished by the result that I wanted to have confirmation so I sent again new hard plastic cap with a return envelope so she could return the destroyed plastic for our examination.

4 new plastic caps had to endure Milena’s bite: canine bite, lateral and frontal incisors bite, and molar bite… all recorded in this video. In all cases, she was able to sink her teeth into the plastic as if it was soft like butter. She was even able to SEVERE again a plastic cap with one of her powerful molars.

At the end of the video on a table, you can see the damaged blue plastic caps.

It is really unbelievable how strong her bite force is compared to most people that physically don’t have the bite structure to produce such a huge pressure on hard materials.

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