Square Jaw Theory

Be warned: once you learn to recognize the square jaw criterias, you will not only categorize yourself… but it will become a habit to categorize the jaw of all the people around you.

I). How to recognize and define a woman with a strong jaw ? 

  • A) The square jaw profile

    • B-C line, the jaw plane, is straight, almost parallel to the floor.
    • There is a notable A-B distance. A-B is perpendicular to the floor.
    • B is an angle. The smaller the angle, the squarer the jaw. Angle is 90 degrees on perfectly square jawed women. Called “holy grail”.
    • Chin and cheekbones are often projecting.
    • Skin under jaw is very tight. Double chin is rare or will appear at a later age.
    • Mandible is often heavily muscular and strong.
    • Jaw is often wider than on less square types.
    • Sexy !!
  • B) Average woman, profile:

    • No notable angle at B. No notable A-B line. You could almost draw a line from the ear lob right to the chin point.
    • B-C is curve.
    • Chin and cheekbones are less projecting.
    • Mandible bone is thinner, less muscular.
    • More prone to double chin.
  • C) Square Jawed woman, frontal

    • B-B’ jaw width is almost equal to D-D’ cheekbones width. The closer, the squarer. On extremely square jawed women, B-B’ width is SUPERIOR to D-D’ cheekbone width.
    • Width between D and D’ and B-B’ is higher than for a regular woman.
    • TCV angle is wider than for an average woman.
    • Face height measured from D-D’ to C (chin) may be smaller than on average woman, because the face is more compact and the jaw squarer.
    • The overall aspect of the face looks healthy and square. The “jaw box” is taking more space.

II). Real life examples and comparison

III). Anatomy
You will often notice that strong cheekbones often accompanies a strong lower jaw. This is because the jaw muscles attach both to the B angles (see graph above) and cheekbones in order to apply the pressure of the chewing mechanism. Thus, larger bone means larger muscles. Women with large jaw, and horizontal B-C line (also called Frankfurt mandibular plane) often have a stronger bite force than an average woman and their large masseter muscle is easily visible when they chew. We have gathered evidence of the relation about mandible shape and bite force. Click here to read it .

Strong cheekbones, large mandible, protruding chin, thick, well-aligned teeth often form a sexy combo of a well-developed chewing mechanism.

See how the jaw muscles attach to the B angle and cheekbone.
The more these attach points are developed, the more potential there is for a larger muscle,  and thus a stronger bite force.

I V). Miscellaneous observations

  • Asian women seem to have the most developed and large jaw you could encounter. It doesn’t mean it’s an exclusivity, but I often noticed that most of the times, Asian (Chinese in particular) women that I encountered had enormous, thick and square jaw mandible.
    I had the chance to measure their cheekbones and mandible (DD’ and BB’) and it revealed that sometimes, it was several centimeters larger than my own corresponding measurements, even if I’m a 6’0 feet tall man and they were 5’5 women.
  • Usually, women with a big and wide mandible are often playing with their jaw. They love to chew little objects, like pencils and such. It seems like if they have a need to bite.
  • It seems women with large jaw characteristics love to show their jaw. You name it subconscious body language, but women with these jaws, even shy women, seems to have the habit to raise their head up as subtle jaw/chin exhibition, so you just “can’t miss it”. Watch it in real life, or on TV / movie, you might get surprised. When a big jawed shy woman is talking to you, when she needs to build up confidence, it seems she will want to exhibit her jaw to impress/attract you. I’m sure that science will tell us one day, that this whole square jaw theory is, among others, a very serious interplay of attraction characteristics between people.
    Very noticeable is Angelina Jolie who shows to the world what a beautiful, strong jaw she has.
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Only just started reading your posts and I’m very impressed, but also worried that you might have gotten distracted by the beauty of certain models with strong, pointy chins, the same way I once was. Some of them just look too good… [attach]65[/attach] [attach]80[/attach] [attach]81[/attach] I’m going to explain with a little more/too much detail why chins should generally be small/normal unlike in your image from this post and your profile picture: [attach]82[/attach] [attach]83[/attach] In your image beneath the title ‘C) Square Jawed woman, frontal‘, the woman has a triangle from both B’s to the C, with quite a big… Read more »


Not the most flattering but it’s a front facing one I have availablecomment image


You definitely have a strong jaw!


@carrieconfetti you look like Kat von d + the tall lady from cosplay heroes


Could I please get any feed back on my type?comment image

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