A square jaw holy grail

Good news: the square jaw holy grail was found. Let me introduce you to Ana, a visitor of this site, now member of the very select “Wlj beauties” club.
Not only is Ana beautiful, feminine and healthy looking…. she also happens to have the rare, perfect, 90 degrees jaw. It’s the holy grail of the square jaw world, “the perfect square jaw”, which will be proved and documented in this post. Ready ?(PS: thanks Ana for sharing pictures and documentation)

Not striking at first glance, the square jaw specialist can still guess from this picture, the square jawed structure. Impossible to deny that this face is typically feminine: eyes, skin, lips and skull shape. Notice the lustrous hairs:
Woman with perfect square jaw - Sunglass view

Here you go, a perfect square jaw. Still, the face is adorable and 100% feminine:

Woman with perfect square jaw - Profile view

You can notice the flat jaw plane, horizontal growing face. 5 stars face:
Woman with perfect square jaw - Bottom view

Perfectly flat jaw plane, square structure. Notice the distance from ear lob to jaw angle:
Woman with perfect square jaw - Profile view

Beauty is looking at you:
Woman with perfect square jaw - Eye closeup

The holy grail: unique scan of this square jawed women’s skull. Absolute documented square jaw proof . 90 degrees angle. Ruler flat jaw plane. Symmetrical. Healthy, robust structure. Large muscle attachment, strong bite force that can cause headaches:
Woman with perfect square jaw - CT scan

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Is there link to Instagram or something like that to see more of her?

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