Kate Fleetwood extraordinary face structure

Kate Fleetwood is of the celtic (English) type. She has one of the largest facial structure from the entire collection presented on this site. Facial bones are extremely developed and large. You can see on those pictures the outstanding development and width of the cheekbones, supporting those beautiful blue eyes.

She’s rated an A- gonial angle grade, and an A- chin grade.

Comparison with a thin face man. Look at the size of this cheekbone piece!! Another world.

Images source or copyright: Celebmafia

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She is a Very Distinguished Looking Woman, and an Amazing Actress!! Her features are Unique and Beautiful—very Elegant!!


The best looking woman on television. I watch, “The Wheel of Time,” first and foremost because she stars in it. It’s like she’s a more highly evolved human, or a magical being, or a Goddess.


She’s ugly af dude!


Shame on your words Myya. God doesn’t make ugly people Myya. It’s just a shame that others don’t see the beauty in humanity. God created you and I’m sure you’re not ugly you just chose to be ugly with hurtful words. I wish you well in life.


Just face the fact that she’s ridiculously ugly and anyone who says differently is probably ugly af too!


To each his own. I was always taught if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. I’m very blessed with beauty inside and out… It’s sad to see ugly humans that have nothing nice to say. That’s what’s wrong with the world. Keep in mind karma will catch up to those who are ugly to others.


My goodness, all humans should look this valuable and robust from the side profile. Bless this square jawed woman.

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