Documentation about Square Jawed Women

Learn about the exquisite science of square jawed women. We suggest you read the documentation in the presented order, from top to bottom. You will learn everything there is to know about the beauty of square-jawed women !!

Are you a square jawed woman yourself? Find out!

Square Jaw Theory

Be warned: once you learn to recognize the square jaw criterias, you will not only categorize yourself… but it will […]

Square jaw isn’t masculine

It is our theory that squarer jaw in women (and men) is superior in pressure efficiency, is also more beneficial […]

About the women on this site

In the context of this site, visitors must clearly understand that there are: 1) Square jawed women 2) Beautiful women […]

Eyeglasses and square faces

Square jaw admirers should pay attention to advertising from eyeglasses companies. It is almost a mandatory requirement for this kind […]

A square jaw holy grail

Good news: the square jaw holy grail was found. Let me introduce you to Ana, a visitor of this site, […]