Behind the square jaw look, the beauty and health equation

It is my goal on this site to analyze female beauty and to defend the idea that square-jawed females are of a superior class of beauty than other females, and that this attribute is not always correlated to masculinity/femininity but rather to proper/optimum orthodontic development.

High level of testosterone, growth hormone will make the jaw look squarer, BUT correct structural orthodontic development will induce a square jaw look, a horizontal growth, independently from sex genre. Androgenic induced square jaw characteristics are different than those induced by proper orthodontic development.
Thus, it is my analysis that the most beautiful females have the square jaw look. A square jaw look in female, being still very different than a typical square jaw in males, notably in the chin area (very androgenic shaped zone).

Horizontal Growth
Horizontal growth is when the jaw grows “horizontally”; when the jaw plane seems parallel to the floor. Jarah is a perfect example:

Horizontal jaw growth in a square jawed woman

Here is structurally what happens:

Structural difference between square and non square individuals

On the left you have the face of a horizontal grower.
On the right, you have the face of an ugly vertical grower. Do you know why the same person often has big nose, thin face and receding + double chin? It is because he is a vertical grower.

You will find plenty of people around you that exhibit both patterns.
Horizontal growth is the result of better orthodontic development, resulting in a more beautiful appearance. “Healthy” is often synonym of “beauty”.

This is another reason why I think, square-jawed people are better developed and more beautiful. In the case of this site i’m interested in women, not men but this proves that structural square jaw has nothing to do with femininity or masculinity. Horizontal growers = better breath, better spinal posture, no double chin…..

Non square jawed woman

Typical vertical grower face. Now compare with the face of Jarah above. Beauty equation should jump out of the screen.
It is shocking to realize how poor jaw growth is associated with typical ugliness pattern: weak chin, double chin, prominent nose, thin face, bad spinal posture, crowded teeth……

Again, not ALL square jawed women are beautiful, but well developed square jaw is a health -> beauty attribute that will influence many other aspects of a person’s appearance.

More on this fascinating topic here.

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