Eva Herzigova’ square face study

Eva Herzigova was a very famous model of the 90s with one of the squarest and largest face in the industry.

Jaw is WIDE from the front, and the cheekbones are even wider. Face is blocky, heavily structured.

Read on for an interesting comparison with thin faced model with a non square jaw.

She was a Guess model… and not just for her outstanding facial structure if you see what I mean….

Eva on the left, and a thin faced woman on the right. Both photos are on the same scale so it will allow interesting size comparisons. It’s already obvious that Eva’s face is larger. See how the jaw exceeds the neck width compared to the other model.
Eva’s eyes are typical of the northern type people: deeply sunken.

And here is the scale comparison. Although the nose on the right model is taller, the Eva’s dimension from bottom nose extremity to chin point is taller. The face structure is simply much bigger.
On a negative side: the tallness of the chin is a bit elevated and removes a bit of the face’s femininity.
The bone mass at the jaw angle is also noticably more important on Eva’s face.

As usual on this site, we try to study and understand how facial features differ, and how the square jaw type can be identified by its characteristics.

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