Angelina Jolie, natural or enhanced jaw ?

In this picture we can clearly see her jaw structure….. difficult to say if it was enhanced, or if it’s natural. You could draw a square around the jaw, it would fit well. Jaw angles are strong.

Angelina Jolie square jaw: frontal view

Notice the elegant face of Angelina….. her chin is a bit more pronounced than Brad’s.Angelina Jolie square jaw with Brad Pitt

Jaw and chin seem natural.
Angelina Jolie has more chin than Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie square jaw: profile view with tongue

Nice underjaw view. No double chin, skin is very tight.
Angelina Jolie square jaw: neck view

Massive, square jaw angle.
Angelina Jolie square jaw: profile view with massive jaw angle

Younger Angelina, seems the face contour is less prominent. Could be aging. It seems her jaw keeps growing. I noticed this phenomenon in some other individuals.
Angelina Jolie square jaw: younger Angelina

Chin and jaw angles augmentation surgery is one of the most heavy and difficult to sustain facial surgery. I find it hard to believe that someone with the perfectly normal face of young Angelina would go for that kind of surgery. Yet, it is unquestionable that something on her face structure has changed (besides the nose job):

15 years old soft face structure:
Angelina Jolie square jaw: young Angelina with softer face countour

Still, on a photoshoot at the same period, the jaw structure is already present:
Angelina Jolie square jaw: young Angelina with already strong facial structure

Conclusion:4 Possibilities:

  • She had a jaw enhancement surgery
  • Facial structures kept growing until a late age
  • Facial fat natural reduction
  • Artificial changes in other parts of the face enhanced the jawbox visibility

and of course a mix of those.
I would tend to exclude the first possibility, but i’m not 100% sure.

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