Aurelie Rose… square jaw holy grail

Let me introduce you Aurélie Rose, a queen among square jawed women, surpassing in beauty and squareness some of the most famous celebrities featured on this site.
That’s not your average square jawed woman. She is of the holy grail type: 90 jaw angle squareness, with perfectly proportionate accompanying cheekbones. And look at this naturally pouting mouth!!

With a touch of French elegance, red hairs and a good sense of humor, Aurelie is the incarnation of the square jawed women this site intends to celebrate.

A+ gonial grade, A grade chin, flat type for Aurélie!

Follow her: @aurelie.rose

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Her neck is weak compared to her jaw. Could use some workout, so it gets a little more like:
Still is one of the healthiest women I’ve ever seen. I really like how wide her maxilla is. Depending on the lighting, there’s not even a hint of a shadow on the sides.
Her maxilla is probably even wider than carole king’s:


I agree that she is truly one of the best. However I was referring to maxillary advancement (horizontal/forward growth) in contrast to vertical or downward growth. I think that if she traded 1-2 millimeters from her maxilla’s vertical height and that amount were allocated forward, she could afford to tilt her head downward a bit, where then her ramus would be parallel to her neck without any craning since her mandible would not grow ever so slightly downward to the same extent, so her chin would point directly forward, and her nose would be slightly more upturned, with a slightly… Read more »


In my opinion she is not the holy grail. We can see unnatural head posture in these images. If her gonial angle were held parallel to her standing angle with straight neck, we would see that she lacks up to 5 mm in the maxilla, which slants her whole face slightly downward and results in a less dramatically upturned nose. I have witnessed a pattern in this regard. There can be no A+ chin without perfect maxillary development, as the mandible will be forced to grow diagonally downward to some degree in proportion as the maxilla is recessed. A true… Read more »


Wow the makeup artist in 3rd pic looks to be a square jawed woman too! What odds!


Posted by: @Jcbe
Wow the makeup artist in 3rd pic looks to be a square jawed woman too! What odds!

Sort of comparison, with a clear winner though

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