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Aja... she almost never went to the dentist!

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Aja is a beautiful blonde woman, with a healthy face structure. When you look at how well developed her chewing structure is, you wonder if it's natural. Did she ever wear braces?

I asked her the question, here is her answer:

Regarding your question, I've never worn braces or had any cosmetic dental work, though I'm certainly not opposed to it. I've actually rarely been to a dentist in my life (bad, I know), but I've been lucky enough to never really have problems with my teeth - nor even needed to have my wisdom teeth pulled (something I couldn't be more thankful for from the horror stories I hear about it - eeek!).

It shouldn't come as a surprise. When you see such a wide jaw, generously developed facial structure, the teeth have all what is needed to grow optimally. People with suboptimal facial structure pay thousands of dollars to have their teeth barely approaching the magnificence of this square jawed woman.

Of course there is no absolute. Square jaw doesn't guarantee perfect teeth... but usually, robustness and health spread trough the entire chewing mechanism.

Posted : 02/05/2020 3:46 pm
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Absolutely gorgeous! And I'm really glad she didn't have her wisdom teeth taken out. Most wisdom teeth extractions are unjustified in fact.

I'm guessing that all women (and men :P) with squared jaws have plenty of room for their wisdom teeth.

Posted : 29/09/2020 8:47 am
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Hello, I am wondering about what the diet of these women must be. Such a natural chewing structure and gorgeous form. What kind of foods did they have during childhood? I hope you can help me with this research question.

Posted : 27/05/2021 7:10 pm

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