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Mara SJW beauty

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Mara became a friend who's been following the site since a decade. She is a member of the exclusive club of real beautiful square jawed women visiting this site!
Hey Mara, you have nothing to envy to all the stars featured on this site! You are as beautiful and more than some!

She is an exquisite representative of the latina type with a solid and lengthy jawline. Look how feminine she is with this well drawn lips contour on top of this projecting chin and flat jawline.

Chin, lips and jawline are perfectly balanced creating striking harmony in this face.

Still, you can't even imagine what a strong bite she has. She is well aware of it and has the most teeth damage potential I ever measured.
Mara if you read this, big kiss and happy birthday!

Posted : 16/04/2020 12:55 pm