Jennifer Lopez is a square jawed woman

Yes, Jennifer Lopes is member of the shadow club of square jawed women.
When you look at this face, the robust face structure jumps at you. Typical of square jawed women also, the model class shadow between the cheekbone bottom and lower jaw. This is creates by the jutting, massive cheekbones and jawbone.

Notice the perfect and wide triangle formed by the chin and gonial angles. When the jaw is not of the square type, the triangular pattern is less discernable.

The jaw angles are of B grade. Not super square, but still with discernable jutting contour.

Nice jaw comparison. You see that Jennifer’s jaw is more defined. Her jaw type is squarer than the man’s.

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I love the way she raised her jaw when she finished singing Heartbreak Hotel during the Elvis 1968 Comeback tribute in early 2019.

Don Mansfield

You can see it in this video starting at 2:10.

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