Olivia Wilde square jawed woman

Or should I name her… Olivia WIDE? Yes, she fully qualifies for the square jaw type.

From the front the jaw is wide and square. The vertical line from temple to jaw bottom is straight, there is little curvature. Cheekbones are well developed. The face projects an impression of squareness, robustness, yet she is a worldwide sex symbol and very feminine woman.

From profile she only qualifies for a B grade, the angle is still quite obtuse, not as acute as on the squarest jaw types. When they are very square from frontal view, and disproportionally less from the profile view, it is usually do hyper development of masseter muscle, which is visible from the front but less from profile.

Images source or copyright: bellazon.com

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“Lantered Jawed Freek” comes to mind


you’re right, she would look better with a small rat-like jaw, breathing in and out her mouth hole

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