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A site for square jaw women admirers, at last !!

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Some men are very attracted to women with large, square, well-defined jaw. There is no absolute explanation for this, but our observations suggest that strong jaw denotes a particular genetic, immune pattern that some men are actively looking for subconsciously. These men may have a variation in this particular pattern that tends to sensitize them to women that exhibit this particular trait. This could give the offspring a more balanced genetic pool.

A well-defined jaw is definitely a beauty attribute, and you will learn that the most beautiful women (and men) on this planet, usually have the chiseled jaw that gives the face a “healthy” and noble look to the face. On this site, we are admirers of these beautiful women exhibiting the square, strong jaw pattern from moderate to an extreme hypertrophied degree. Learn more about the theory.

Since this site was launched, I was contacted by men from all over the world with various ethnic backgrounds, all attracted by the strong mandible pattern in women, and delighted to discover other men were sharing this attraction for strong-jawed women. I was also contacted by many women with strong, square jaw that used to be shy about it and that felt reassured to know that their face could an object of intense desire for many men around the world. If you are not sure to be a square-jawed woman, don't hesitate to ask in the forums.

You can also browse our galleries featuring the world's most beautiful women and celebrities exhibiting strong jaw characteristics. Currently on the list: Salma Hayek (actress), Shalom Harlow (model), Luciana Curtis (model), Geena Davis (actress), Angelina Jolie (actress), Aurelie Claudel (model) and much more....

Posted : 25/09/2017 1:49 pm