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About the women on this site

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In the context of this site, visitors must clearly understand that there are:

  • 1) Square jawed women
  • 2) Beautiful women
  • 3) Beautiful Square jawed women.

What we mean is that all square jawed women are not beautiful. But we do believe that a well-defined square jaw in a woman is a requisite for superior beauty, such as in the case of Shalom Harlow who is a beautiful, square jawed woman. One might argue but this is my taste and the taste of people visiting this site.

So visitors must understand that we don’t pretend that ALL square jawed women are beautiful or that ALL small jawed women are ugly. On this site you will find both beautiful square jawed women, and “less” beautiful women exhibiting the square jaw pattern. We do find a women’ square jaw to be sexy in itself, just like a nice pair of breast, but the concept is magnified when the overall face is beautiful.

Posted : 25/09/2017 2:33 pm