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Square jaw isn't masculine

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It is our theory that squarer jaw in women (and men) is superior in pressure efficiency, is also more beneficial for overall facial and neck growth of bones, and is thus often an attribute of superior beauty.
We also theorize that a square jaw is NOT a characteristic of masculinity, and we will try to demonstrate this in this page.

I) Effect of excess testosterone and growth hormone on bone growth

The square jaw is often associated with masculinity. The reason for this is because there IS a real relation between jaw bone growth (and more generally all bone extremities),  testosterone (the male hormone) and growth hormone.
It is widely known among the bodybuilders community, that high intake of testosterone and/or GH might cause changes in facial bones, in particular in the jaw bones.

To illustrate this, here are examples of a man with very manly face and body, the wrestler Hulk Hogan.

[caption id="attachment_30" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Hulk Hogan, non square jaw Hulk Hogan, Wrestler[/caption]

Hulk Hogan was a popular professional wrestler, is 6 ft 4 Inches tall, and weighs about 300 lbs. Such a physique can only be attained with high levels of natural or artificial GH and testosterone. Looking at his face and body, there is not the slightest doubt, he is 100% virile. Yet, as you may notice, he doesn't have a square jaw (and no big cheekbones). Quite the contrary, in fact, there is almost no angle below the ear, and one can draw an almost straight line from the earlobe to the chin. His jaw fits several of our weak jaw standards as defined on our Theory page. Yet no one can say that Hulk Hogan looks like a woman. So what makes his face so manly aside from the mustache?
The answer is simple: his well-developed chin, his broad nose, and heavy eyebrows. These are typical signs of high testosterone / GH. This is our point: high level of Gh and testo doesn't have an influence on the degree of jaw angle: it can have an effect on bone extremities growth.
One should note that it isn't systematic: high testosterone / GH doesn't always translate into big chins...... but the fact that high supplementation of these can cause growth in some bodybuilders, establishes a correlation between androgenic hormones and bone extremities. Think of androgenic male hair loss: it is a complex mechanism involving male hormones, yet not all males are susceptible to it although all males have the hormones circulating in their blood.

[caption id="attachment_31" align="aligncenter" width="241"] Brock Lesnar, UFC fighter.
In red: androgenic bone growth zones[/caption]

In the image above, we show in red where high level of androgenic hormones, might induce bone growth.

II) The jaw plane and the jaw angle

To establish the angle of the jaw plane, we are using a simplified method. We draw a straight line, perpendicular to the floor line, and touching the ear lob. Then we draw a second line, that follows the jaw line, and connect it to the first line. This gives us the jaw angle.
The squarer the jaw, the smaller the angle. Perfect square jaw angle would be 90 degrees, but this is extremely rare. Here are two examples:

Jaw angle comparison between square and non square woman

The typical weak jaw on the left has a big angle, where the jaw on the right (actress Kira Clavell), forms a smaller angle, closer to 90 degrees.
It is our theory that this jaw angle, ISN'T determined by androgenic factors: it is determined genetically, and is independent of sexual influences. One can take absurdly high doses of testosterone and growth hormone, it will NOT change the squareness of the jaw angle although it might induce bone growth.

So yes, testo and GH might shape chins, brows, nose and even bone at the angle of the jaw, but it will not change the degree of the jaw angle which is determined by other factors.
How does it translate?

  •  Men with big chin, and generally large jaw might look very virile, and it might be shaped by high-level androgenic hormones, independently or the squareness of the jaw, as shown with Hulk Hogan non-square jaw above. So yes there can be a relation between chin / jaw size and virility.
  • Man with natural square jaw angle, with high level of androgenic hormones (either natural or supplemented), might give the impression of an extremely big and virile jaw: androgenic hormones might grow bone on the naturally square jaw, increasing its prominence.
  • Women with a square jaw, aren't shaped by androgenic hormones. Androgenic influence, as we saw, translate very differently, and affects chin (typical masculine chin), brow, nose, jaw prominence. Such women can look 100% feminine, ultra sexy even with the square jaw.
  •  Women with very big chins and jaws, not necessarily square, can look masculine, just as some delicately boned men can look feminine. It's independent of the jaw angle, and depends more on facial bone mass at extremities.

III) More examples 

Here are additional examples of manly faces, with non-square jaws.

[caption id="attachment_33" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Masculine men with non square jaw Nick Nolte, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel[/caption]

Nick Nolte has the typical virile chin, but just like Hulk Hogan, his jaw is not square, and has almost no jaw angle.
Jason Statham has a very manly face, but it certainly doesn't come from the soft angle of his jaw. Rather, it comes from the typical tall chin testosterone shaped.
Vin Diesel, is another muscle guy, but with small non squared jaw and a little chin.

Here is an interesting comparison, between a frequent visitor of this site, called Persian Square-jawed beauty, and the profile of Vin Diesel, as charted in our theory page.

Square-jawed profile (Persian Square-jawed beauty):

Perfect square jawed woman

  • B-C line, the jaw plane, is straight, almost parallel to the floor.
  • There is a notable A-B distance. A-B is perpendicular to the floor.
  • B is an angle. The smaller the angle, the squarer the jaw. Angle is 90 degrees on very square jawed women.
  • Chin and cheekbones are often projecting.
  • Skin under jaw is very tight. Double chin is rare or will appear at a later age.
  • Mandible  is often heavily muscular and strong.
  • Sexy !!

Non square jawed profile (Actor Vin Diesel):

Vin Diesel non square jaw

  • No notable angle at B. No notable A-B line. You could almost draw a line from the ear lob right to the chin point.
  • B-C is curve.
  • Chin and cheekbones are less projecting.
  • Mandible bone is thinner, less muscular.
  • More prone to double chin.

It's amazing how Persian Square-jawed beauty fits our square jaw chart. We elaborated this chart on our theory page, before ever seeing a picture of Persian.
Do you see our point now? Here is a picture of a young woman with a super square jaw that forms almost a perfect 90 degrees angle, who still look infinitely more feminine than a muscle guy with a non square jaw.
Who could affirm that Persian Square jaw having more testosterone than Vin Diesel is the reason of her squarer jaw ?
It is evident, in this example that androgenic hormones have nothing to do with squareness of jaw and jaw plane inclination. Persian square jawed beauty has good genetic information that allowed her to develop a square jaw that is simply an evidence of her very efficient bite force capabilities.

IV) Conclusion
Squareness of jaw isn't determined by androgenic hormones. There are very feminine women with very square jaw, and very masculine men with non square jaws. Yet, these men always have more serum testosterone and growth hormone circulating in their body.
Androgenic hormones can affect bone extremities growth, and although big chins and jaws can be the result of these hormones influences, a "manly" jaw isn't characterized by the angle of the jaw itself. Manly jaw is rather characterized by bone mass at extremities which give typical virile shape to chins, masseter attachments and other subtle traits that would deserve another article.
A square jaw is the result of predetermined genetic information and is the translation of increased efficiency in chewing mechanism and bite force. Both women and men can exhibit the configuration. This site is interested in women because of the author's personal tastes and fascination.

Posted : 25/09/2017 2:25 pm
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yall saved my confidence. i have a strong 90° jaw.

Posted : 10/07/2020 1:06 pm
Admin Ron
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Glad this page could help you! Many, many women find confidence by reading the pages of this site, you are not alone.

Posted : 12/07/2020 11:54 am
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there isn't a single gene that influences the squareness of the jaw

its determined by mechanical forces placed on it, such as chewing/grinding

seacrh up bruxism, they all have square jaws due to excessive chewing/grinding

Posted : 30/08/2020 11:33 am
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I think both genetics and behavior play a role. I noticed very young children with already receding chin and small jaw, same as their parents. I don't think this pattern was due to lack of chewing / grinding. On the other side, heavy chewing and bruxism might favor strong jaw pattern.

Posted : 30/08/2020 12:00 pm
Admin Ron
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I think both genetics and behavior play a role. I noticed very young children with already receding chin and small jaw, same as their parents. I don't think this pattern was due to lack of chewing / grinding. On the other side, heavy chewing and bruxism might favor strong jaw pattern.

Posted : 30/08/2020 12:03 pm
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I do not believe this is true. Bruxism does not equal strong jaw. I am a square jawed woman and altho i do have a strong bite, and clench in times of stress, I have a bad habit of chewing on pens, it was nowhere near that which id consider bruxism which is frequent/constant like my SO and sis. My SO had a serious grinding and clenching problem that ran in the family but those same individuals also had extreme cases of receded jaw even if well muscled from the front from the clenching, it still never helped from a side profile. My twin also is SJW and does have bruxism but her angle and jaw is exactly the same as mines, not stronger which would be the case of it was behavior based only. I would have to agree both genetics and behavior is more then likely the cause from my experience (behavior might extenuate what genetics have at play).

Posted : 12/12/2020 11:50 pm
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Explain someone like Beyoncé 's jaw. Hers is extremely feminine to me.

Posted : 29/12/2020 9:57 am
Admin Ron
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This goal of this post was to prove that a square jaw by itself isn't a sign if masculinity, but rather a head pattern found in both men and women. It doesn't say that the square jaw type is the only feminine type.

Beyounce is certainly feminine, with a non square jaw type.
On the attached image you can see that her jawline is not salient at all, but she is certainly a woman that looks feminine.

Posted : 29/12/2020 11:19 am
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I guess this was a reply to JKD's posts below as you and I share the same conclusion: genetics plays a major role.

Posted : 29/12/2020 11:32 am
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Your website is divine and you are 100% correct. These women are beautiful and their close to 90 degree angle cannot be rivaled. The masseter muscles must have been engaged to a good effect. Well done on another post.

It make sense to me that men would have bone growth on the front of the face for combat purposes or otherwise. Substantial jaw at the side hinge pertains to muscular forces, more likely, and genes as you mention, as do others below.

Cheers all.

Posted : 25/05/2021 5:02 pm
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Actually Beyonce in this photo was looking down . she has a strong jaw too . The jaw of women is stronger in the body of the mandible , and not in the jaw angle .

Posted : 21/12/2021 9:32 pm
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I must say that it does seem to be true that people with bruxism tend to have very strong and square jawline. It could be that the shear constant force prevents the jaw to be recessed. Generally those people also have hypertrophied af giving them an even tighter jawline.
Look at people like Johnny Depp (when he was young) and even like brad pitt. Their canines and even incisors are completely flattened when those teeths are supposed to be sharp.

Posted : 07/07/2022 1:34 am