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Nefertiti, the timelessness beauty of the square jaw type

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Nefertiti was an antique Egyptian queen who lived between -1370 and - 1330 BC. Her beauty was crystalized in a famous bust crafted by Thutmose an ancient Egypt sculptor around - 1345.

This beauty of this bust is celebrated worldwide and the particularly angular traits of the queen are a reason for this beauty recognition. The square jawed beauty is universal and was already recognized by pharaohs.

Strong cheekbones. Look at this well developed chin. The face is simultaneously angular yet delicate and feminine.

Flat, horizontal jawline. B grade chin, B+ grade jaw angle. Strong cheekbones projecting forward.

Look at the size of the cheekbones. They add structure to the face.

Head posture is noble. Square jawed people often have better head posture, because weaker jaw type can push the head posture forward to increase the air pathway between neck and jaw.

This is believed to be the mummy of the beautiful queen. We can see the amazing length of the long jawline. Also we can notice the perfectly straight neck, and how a long jaw leaves room for breathing pathway between the jaw tip and neck, allowing for this kind of noble, straight head posture.

Posted : 17/04/2020 10:13 am